Player NameClass
Trevor Greenwald2018
Ali Hussein2018
Luke Louden2018
Terrence May2018
Zach Noe2018
Chris Stockdale2018
Ben Collins2019
James Crockett2019
Andrew Henry2019
Kaelon Harkema2019
Kermit Kreder2019
Hunter Mathes2019
Logan Nicheols2019
Nolan Pender2019
Curtis Reynolds2019
Davion McKinnon2019
Bryant DeHaan2019
Trent Abernathy2020
Trent Byrd2020
Ben Kaplin2020
Jess Miller2020
Jacob Molina2020
Riley Monheimer2020
Trent Robinson2020
Brandon Schmitt2020
Darrell Brookins2020
Eladio Almonte2021
Rowan Conley2021
Tyreese Graham2021
Landon Kuerzi2021
Jeremiah May2021
Noah Payton2021
Owen Phillips2021
Nathan Waring2021
Jude Markwell2021
Jackson Cook2021
Ethan Revell2022
Matthew Margulis2022

Coach Trager on his 2018 team:

“We have a young group of players that are going to be tested early in the year. We will see a number of players get opportunities in preparation to find the lineup that works for us. We have a talented, but inexperienced group of young players that will need to step up and fill voids. Toughness will be our biggest obstacle this year. We will face adversity this season and we will go through hard times with our young players; our seniors will need to step up and be examples of how to overcome adversity. If we can become tougher than our opponent, we will finish the season playing our best baseball.”