2019 Roster

Ben Collins2019
James Crockett2019
Andrew Henry2019
Kaelon Harkema2019
Kermit Kreder2019
Hunter Mathes2019
Nolan Pender2019
Bryant DeHaan2019
Trent Abernathy2020
Trent Byrd2020
Ben Kaplin2020
Jess Miller2020
Jacob Molina2020
Riley Monheimer2020
Brandon Schmitt2020
Darrell Brookins2020
Clayton Weber2020
Eladio Almonte2021
Rowan Conley2021
Tyreese Graham2021
Landon Kuerzi2021
Jeremiah May2021
Noah Payton2021
Nathan Waring2021
Chase Carter2021
Jack  Dwyer2021
Tony Byrd2022
Matthew Margulis2022
Ethan Revell2022
Jason Kwon2022
Kameron Clark2022
Dylan Ecken2022
Brady Lysher2022
Carson Allen2022
Deshaun McGinnis2022
Jaden Minkins2022
Curtis Banks2022
Preston Curtis2023
Ben Shuler2023

Coach Trager on his 2019 team:

“This year we bring back a lot of experience returning 8 starters from last years team. Our experience should be a strength for this group as last years team was very young. I expect this team to compete and challenge themselves to be the best team they can be every day. I expect this team to show their toughness and never give in to adversity. We have a nice combination of talent and experience, however, my concern is how will we handle high expectations. We showed incredible improvement throughout the season last year. My biggest question is whether this group will focus in the off season to get better each day, or will they wish each day away in anticipation for the season. If we can keep our focus on the process and work hard each day to be the best player we can be, I fully expect this team to be competing at a high level come post season.”