Super Prep Rules

General Rules

  • Weather Policy: The Super Prep Series will inform all Head Coaches of game delays due to inclement weather. In addition – scheduling updates will be posted to the Super Prep website at
  • Refund Policy: 0 games = full refund; 1 game played = 50% refund; 2 or more games played = no refund.
  • Eligibility: All players must be students in good standing of the specific High School being represented at Super Prep.
  • Game Balls: Each team will provide 3 new or gently used balls to home plate umpire at beginning of each game. Balls will be returned after the game.
  • Admission: Individual Day Passes will be sold for $7. A Day Pass is good for all games at all locations that day. Players, coaches, bus driver, and children under the age of 12 are free. 

  • Geographical Boundry Rules: Any Super Prep team limited on the geography and/or state boundaries of teams you are allowed to play will only be scheduled against teams that qualify based on the specific rules of that programs governing body.
  • Banned items: No alcohol, coolers, tobacco products or pets are allowed at any Super Prep facility.
  • Banned from Dugouts: No sunflower seeds or tobacco of any kind will be allowed in the dugout or on the field of play.
  • Infield Practice: No full infield before games – each team can conduct ½ field warm-ups prior to the start of each game.
  • Practice Facilities: Will be provided at certain venues. Practice times will be posted.
  • Coaches outside of dugout: Maximum two (2) coaches allowed outside the dugout at any time.
  • Soft Toss: No hitting of baseballs into any fence (soft toss). Waffle-type balls are allowed.
  • Batboys/girls: Players and coaches only in the dug-outs – no bat boys/girls.
  • Protests: Protest Fee is $50 prepaid. Protests will be heard by tournament UIC’s
  • All teams and fans are responsible for removing trash from the dugout and stands at the conclusion of each game.
  • Postgame Meetings: All teams are to clear the dugout and field immediately after shaking hands with the opponent and hold post-game meetings outside the field area.

Super Prep will play under NFHS Rules of Baseball with the following local modifications:

Time Limit / Game Duration

  • Varsity, Junior Varsity  – seven (7) innings or no new inning after two hours ten minutes (2:10).
  • Games that are tied when time expires or 7 innings have been completed will play one extra inning. If the game is tied after the extra inning has been played, the game will end in a tie.
  • Suspended Games – games called due to rain, weather, light failure, or other acts of God and cannot be resumed will be considered complete after five (5) innings (7 inning game). Note: Suspended games will be at the discretion of Super Prep Series. If Home Team is winning games will be considered complete after 4 ½ innings for a 7 inning game.

Mercy Rules

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In enforcing this rule, the home team shall not bat if they are winning and the mercy requirement is met prior to the bottom half of the listed inning. Likewise, if the home team is batting and meets the mercy requirement in the bottom half of a listed inning the home team shall cease batting at that moment and the game will end.

Playing Rules

(NFHS rules with the following local modifications)

  • Batting Order/Substitutions(coaches choice):
    • Bat entire roster and free defensive substitutions. When batting the entire roster teams will not be penalized if they have to drop a player due to injury or other circumstance as long as you have at least 9 players remaining in the lineup.
    • Bat nine (9) and report substitutions. Subs can only enter the game one time, starters can only re-enter once in the same spot in the batting order where they were previously removed. All subs must be reported to the head umpire and the opposing team. Designated Hitter may be utilized.
    • Bat ten (10) with nine fielders plus an EH. You may freely substitute defensive positions with the 10 active players in the batting order. All subs must be handled the same as batting nine players. Reentry is allowed for starting players. NOTE: When batting 10 with an EH, Designated Hitters are not allowed.
  • Speed-up Rule– At any time, the offensive team may use a courtesy runner for the pitcher and catcher of record the previous inning on defense. The courtesy runner must be a player not presently in the line-up. If no players not presently in the line-up are available, the courtesy runner shall be the player making the last batted out. The re-entry status of the courtesy runner, pitcher, and catcher shall not be affected by this rule. If at any time, a courtesy runner is determined to be ineligible, a proper replacement pursuant to these rules (if available) will be used without penalty.

Pitching Rules

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  • For purposes of this rule, a pitcher is in violation of this rule if he makes any appearance above the pitching limits.
  • For all cumulative totals in this rule, one pitch equals a full inning.
  • It is the responsibility of the teams’ manager to challenge pitching violations by notifying the umpire and then the UIC.
  • Any violation of pitching limitations shall result in immediate forfeiture of the game. This may be done at any point after an illegal pitch has been made while the pitcher in violation is in the game and in the pitching position.
  • Ejection of a player or coach requires that they leave the ballpark and they become ineligible for their teams next scheduled game.
  • Balks will be strictly enforced without warning.
  • Trips to the Mound –Each team, when on defense, may be granted not more than three charged conferences during a seven-inning game, without penalty, to permit coaches or their non-playing representatives to confer with a defensive player or players. In an extra-inning game, each team shall be permitted one charged conference each inning while on defense without penalty. The number of charged conferences permitted is not cumulative. A request for time for this purpose shall be made by a coach, player, substitute or an attendant. Time granted for an obviously incapacitated player shall not constitute a charged conference. Prior to accumulating three charged conferences in seven innings or less, a conference is not charged if the pitcher is removed as a pitcher. PENALTY: After three charged conferences in a seven-inning game, or for any charged conference in excess of one in each extra inning, the pitcher shall be removed as a pitcher for the duration of the game
  • A player removed from the pitching position (starting or subsequent relief pitcher) may not return to the pitching position for the remainder of the game.